Coach Michael Krug

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Coaching License(s): USSF NAT B

Coaching Experience: 25 years coaching experience.

KAFC Team Achievements:

2014 B98 Farwest Regional League

2013 B98 WA State Challenge Cup State – Champions

2013 B98 Farwest Regionals Cup Series

2012 B94 WA State Championship Cup – Finalist

2012 US Youth Soccer National Competitive Boys Coach of the Year Finalist

2012 USYSA Region IV Competitive Boys Coach of the Year

2012/2008 WA State Coach of the Year

2011 B94 Championship Cup Farwest Regionals

2011 B94 WA State Championship Cup – Finalist

2011 B94 Northwest Champions League – Champions

2010 B95 US Club National Semi-Finalist

2009 WA State 4A High School State Champions – SKHS

2008 B90 Championship Cup Series Farwest Regionals

2008 B90 WA State Championship Cup – Finalist

International Coaching Experience:

Friendship Cup, Austria 2011, 2010, 2009

Haarlem Cup, Netherlands 2008, 2006, 2003

Regio Cup, Netherlands 2005

Budding Cup, Australia 2004

Gothia Cup, Sweden 2003

Helsinki Cup, Finland 1999

Coca-Cola Cup, Netherlands 1997

Soccer History: Player/Coach Olympic Force 2003-2006

Player Advice: Its not what you can do on the ball it’s what you are willing to do off the ball that will make all the difference.

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