Kitsap’s Premier Youth Soccer Club

About Kitsap Alliance FC

FB Photo 4As an organization, we got our start more than thirty years ago. As we have adapted and grown to better serve local players, we’ve had a variety of different names. Today, we are Kitsap Alliance FC, and we’ve aligned and combined with other local clubs to try and put players and soccer first. And, as a not-for-profit, volunteer-led organization, we encourage you to get involved.

The mission of Kitsap Alliance FC is to provide the youth the opportunity to develop individual and team soccer skills to their fullest potential through expert training and excellent team competition. Kitsap Alliance FC is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization.

Mission & Vision

At KAFC, our focus is centered on developing players’ passion for the game along with a strong understanding of soccer both on and off the field.

Our coaches and staff strive to be innovative, organized, and forward thinking to develop who are confident in their skills, but employ play that is creative, smart, unpredictable, and strategic. As they work to master individual skills, we seek to foster teams that play with a unique passion, supporting each player to play their best soccer, without limitation.

Because players learn differently at different ages, our content and methodology changes accordingly. Training sessions are adapted to the age and skill level of the players, while taking into consideration the characteristics of child and player development. Our curriculum is structured to reflect age appropriate aims and general child development theories adapted to soccer.


Kitsap Alliance FC is a not-for-profit, volunteer led organization.

Board Meetings

Please contact us for the next board meeting date.
4550 Newberry Hill Rd. Silverdale, WA 98383 2nd Floor Conference Room.


Board of Directors

Peter Braun, President

David ConnollyVice President

Michelle Hill, Secretary

Jonee Dubos, Treasurer

Chris Warthen, Soccer Management Team

Travis Beach, Uniforms

Kelly Swenland, Fundraising

Hedim Ramierz, Assistant Registrar


Mike Krug, Director of Coaching

Brandon Kluk, HS CAP Program Director

George Bundy, Community Outreach Director


Vickie Mackenzie, Administrative Director

Val Corden, Registrar

Lindsay Bailey, Web/Communications